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Get Prepared In A Healthy Way And Become A Surthrivalist!

What is a Surthrivalist you might ask?  It’s someone who does more than just survive. It’s a survivalist that thrives.

The Healthy Prepper book reveals the preparedness secrets for thriving instead of just surviving and how you and your pets can be prepared for any situation in a healthy way. Information in this book is not like anything you’ve heard before in ANY prepper book! hallu forte orteza

In this book you’ll find: hallu forte opinie

Tons of alternative options, natural products and resources mostly unheard of in the prepper community that you will learn about. Nearly 40 topics covered in detail!

Direct links to everything written about to make it easy for you to find all the products and resources in the book.

  You’ll get more than just product and resource recommendations.  You’ll also get the science and research behind many of the alternative ideas, products and resources introduced in this book so you can understand how and why something works.

…..Plus much more! 

Alternative health is something I’ve been exposed to since childhood.  My parents and also my grandparents were alternative health practitioners and this is something that has been ingrained in me literally since birth and is an integral part of my lifestyle.

When first becoming interested in emergency preparedness as I plowed through prepper website after prepper website and read hundreds of articles and dozens of books on the subject of prepping I was surprised at what I found.

There are hundreds of websites, articles and books on the topic of preparedness yet most all of them offer the same advice, products and resources to their readers.  Some of the information is fantastic and informative but also a lot of it is actually quite unhealthy and toxic.  I have found very little information out there for health conscious preppers so I decided to write this book and offer some alternative information, options and resources for health conscious preppers.

This book is written primarily for health conscious individuals who want to prep to actually survive longer than just an immediate emergency situation. It would be really sad to spend lots of time, money and effort into being prepared only to die from cancer or poor health due to the foods, water and medications you stocked up on. This book is for people who are REALLY prepping to not just survive but to also thrive.

Also this book is meant to be a resource guide and not just an informative read.  So many people only write about a topic and leave you scratching your head trying to figure out where to find what they are talking about.  And if the product or resource written about isn’t on the first 10 pages or so of Google then good luck finding it.  This book is different.  I provide links in the book to most everything I write about saving you lots of your precious time trying to locate what I write about.

This is a true resource guide.

Amazon Kindle Books - The Healthy Prepper

There are nearly 40 topics covered in detail in The Healthy Prepper!

Here are just some of the things you’ll discover in
The Healthy Prepper:

● The #1 all natural item you should have in your preparedness kit that will knock out ANY virus – often in 24 hours or less!

● The absolute worse food to stock up on that most preppers buy a lot of.

● 2 little known and very unique methods that will make harmful insects want to stay far away from your survival garden while at the same time increasing the vigor, health and yield of your crops.

● How to create clean, pure, sparkling water out of thin air.

● What all natural items you should always include in your pet’s emergency preparedness kit.

In addition to the information and resources discussed there are also direct links to products and resources at the end of each topic to make it incredibly easy for you to locate them.

Here’s what people are saying about this book:

“I was surprised by how comprehensive this book was. It doesn’t just give a list of things to do to prepare oneself for various situations. It gives a very knowledgeable background explanation on the various challenges one faces, in trying to stay healthy in this toxic world as well as historical and scientific explanations on why the ideas suggested in the book will have positive benefits.

Each chapter has introduced me to ideas that I have not considered before. It’s definitely a good book to have!”

- C. Park

Don’t Wait Another Moment! Become A Surthrivalist Now!



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